About Us

The growing disparity between what audiences think about a program and that of the “professionals” has finally increased to the point that it can no longer be ignored. So, we have decided that our religious conservative voice needs to be heard, and so we bring you Worth it or Woke.

Everyone is biased but we wear ours out in the open for all to see, so much so that we’ve built it right into our critique model. Right alongside with what we think about the story, performances, and visuals, we let you know if the woke quotient (woketient) is distractingly high, tolerable, or not there at all.

What we mean by “woke?”

Woke [wōk]: adj.– 1. the quality of ultra/radical-progressivism, characterized by the active eschewing of objective truth as well as traditions and societal mores that have been tried and tested for generations in lieu of nonsensical beliefs that defy logic and substantive supportive objective data. Ex: Roads are racist. There are no such things as immutable characteristics.

Progressivism in film isn’t new. However, what makes a film “woke” is forced radical progressive messaging and artificially setting said messaging’s primacy over that of the narrative.

Some examples of wokeness in film:

  • The forced celebration of behavior that, until 30 minutes ago, was deemed to be immoral, unethical, or the province of the profoundly mentally disturbed, and treating those who do not participate in said celebration as bigots.
  • Writing women as snarky prats who are better and smarter than every male in the film, because every male in the film has been written as either a useless caricature of a man or an evil caricature of a man.
  • Disney’s “not so secret gay agenda.”
  • Retconning strong male characters in their own sequels and reboots to be significantly lesser than previously established so that a “strong independent woman” can undermine them.
  • The purposeful misrepresentation of religion and the religious and/or capitalism and capitalists so that it/they may be used as straw men to forward a false (i.e. radical-progressive) narrative.
  • Manufactured diversity quotas for the sake of diversity over narrative.

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]