Daily Wire Unveils Surprise: A Magical Kids’ App for Families


In a world where the landscape of children’s entertainment is ever-evolving while values seem to be de-evolving, The Daily Wire, known for its unapologetic approach to news and commentary, has taken a bold leap into the realm of kids’ content with the launch of Bentkey, a new kids entertainment company.

Daily Wire Unveils Surprise: A Magical Kids’ App for Families

On the 100th anniversary of Disney’s founding, The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing introduced the world to Bentkey, a brand-new kids’ entertainment app. Bentkey, featuring over 150 episodes across 18 shows, including four original productions, aims to provide families with content that harkens back to the days of innocence, wonder, and adventure. New episodes will be delivered every Saturday morning, with additional series continually joining the platform.

A Challenging Time for Disney

The announcement of Bentkey comes at a turbulent time for Disney, as the entertainment giant faces mounting criticism for its shift toward politically charged content. Leaked footage from early 2022 revealed executives advocating for increased inclusion of LGBTQIA themes in children’s content. More recently, videos surfaced of Disney’s live-action “Snow White” star, Rachel Zegler, condemning the classic story that once defined the company.

“While Disney still uses Walt’s name, they have all but abandoned his legacy,” remarked Boreing from his filming location in Lake Bled, Slovenia, where he is directing DailyWire+’s “Pendragon” series. Boreing added, “Disney’s recent trajectory appears to view America as systemically racist, and as a corporation, they promote the most extreme elements of the woke Left.”

Disney, known for its cherished classics, has sparked controversy by revising its iconic films to align with modern sensibilities, which critics argue dilutes the timeless truths these stories originally conveyed.

Bentkey: A Fresh Approach to Kids’ Content

In contrast, Bentkey takes a different path. The name “Bentkey” is a nod to the unique key Jeremy Boreing has worn around his neck for 28 years, symbolizing the company’s distinctive vision. Bentkey was launched separately from DailyWire+ to emphasize its departure from hot-button political issues. Boreing stated, “Bentkey isn’t about teaching kids politics; it’s about childhood, wonder, adventure, and values that politics are built upon.”

Bentkey offers an extensive range of content for children and families to enjoy, including original series like “A Wonderful Day with Mabel Maclay,” “Chip Chilla,” “Kid Fit Go!,” and “Kid Explorer.” These shows are designed to capture the imagination of young minds, encourage wonder, and foster a love for learning.

The platform also features curated content from around the world, selected with the same care and trust parents place in the brand. The investment, both in terms of funds and creative effort, underscores the commitment to providing a wholesome alternative to the current landscape of children’s entertainment.

Embracing Innovation, Building Trust

With Disney’s profound cultural influence, the launch of Bentkey represents a significant alternative for parents seeking entertainment that reflects their values. Boreing, humbly acknowledging Bentkey’s current status compared to Disney, expressed the hope that the company would grow to become a studio with the courage to chase bold ideas, much like Disney once was.

Bentkey is now available on a variety of platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android, AppleTV, Roku, and FireTV. It can be accessed as a standalone purchase for $99 a year, offering great content that families can trust and children will love to watch.

While the cultural landscape may be shifting, The Daily Wire’s Bentkey is stepping into the breach, offering a ray of hope for families who yearn for classic storytelling and values in children’s entertainment. In a time when timeless truths can seem scarce, Bentkey emerges as a beacon of wonder and adventure, reminiscent of the magic that once captivated generations.

“Snow White and the Evil Queen” – A Tale of Beauty and Power

As Bentkey takes its first steps in the world of kids’ content, it simultaneously embarks on an ambitious cinematic journey with the announcement of its first live-action feature film, “Snow White and the Evil Queen.” This enchanting story is set to hit screens in 2024, promising to captivate audiences with a classic tale of princesses and princes, beauty and vanity, and the enduring power of love.

Bentkey’s adaptation of this ancient fairy tale aims to stay true to the timeless truths embedded in the narrative, starkly contrasting the direction Disney has taken with its remake of the iconic “Snow White.” While Disney’s updated version has been met with controversy for altering the core values of the original, Bentkey’s “Snow White and the Evil Queen” promises to offer a faithful retelling that honors the story’s classic elements and character arcs.

In a world where cherished tales are being reimagined, Bentkey’s commitment to preserving the integrity of beloved narratives is a reassuring step for those who hold dear the values and traditions passed down through generations.

As Bentkey continues its journey in kids’ entertainment and ventures into the realm of feature films, it remains to be seen how this new player will shape the future of children’s content and whether its dedication to timeless storytelling will resonate with a generation in need of wonder and adventure.

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