Join Steve Martin in the classic romantic comedy, Roxanne. Laughs, heartwarming moments and a touch of whimsy await! Don't miss this charming film.
Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah,
Fred Schepisi
Romantic Comedy
Release date
June 19, 1987
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Vudu (rent or buy), Amazon (rent or buy)
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Roxanne is a charming romantic comedy starring Steve Martin. It's inspired by the classic play "Cyrano de Bergerac". Martin is well-cast as the fire chief who falls in love with an astronomer. The film features a mix of humor and heart, a strong supporting cast, and a sharp and witty script. Despite some pacing issues and questionable music choices, the film's strengths shine through. With its mix of humor and heart, Roxanne is a standout in the romantic comedy genre.

Roxanne is a charming and entertaining romantic comedy that showcases the comedic talent of Steve Martin. Inspired by the classic play Cyrano de Bergerac, the film is set in a small town and tells the story of a fire chief who falls in love with an astronomer, and the result is a mix of humor and heart that is sure to captivate audiences.


Martin is perfectly cast in the lead role, bringing his unique brand of humor and his ability to balance comedy with sincerity. Daryl Hannah, who plays the astronomer is also a standout, and their on-screen chemistry is a highlight of the film. The supporting cast delivers with several strong performances that add depth to the film.

The script is sharp and witty, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, as well as touching scenes that showcase the film’s heart. The climax is especially well-done, bringing together all the elements of the story in a satisfying way. However, some of the humor falls flat, and the pacing of the film is somewhat uneven, with certain scenes dragging on too long.

The soundtrack is fitting, with a mix of upbeat and heartwarming songs that complement the film’s tone. Despite this, there are also several scenes where the music feels out of place and takes away from the film’s overall tone.

Roxanne pays homage to Cyrano de Bergerac in its own unique way, putting a modern spin on the classic tale. The film’s themes of love, self-acceptance, and the importance of inner beauty are timeless and are woven seamlessly into the story.

In conclusion, Roxanne is a must-see movie for fans of romantic comedies. Its charming characters, witty script, and touching moments make it a standout in the genre. Despite its uneven pacing and some questionable music choices, the film’s strengths still shine through. With its mix of humor and heart, Roxanne is sure to become a classic in the romantic comedy genre. Highly recommended for fans of the genre, as well as anyone looking for a charming and entertaining film with a timeless message.



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