Top 10 Top 10 Lists

There's never been a more meta top 10 list in internet history unless there has been.

Top 10 Top 10 Lists

As the summer film season nears its end and with the writers and actors’ strike no closer to an end, entertainment content creators are already beginning to struggle to come up with engaging content. If you haven’t already noticed an increasing number of top ten lists, you soon will. So, to kick off the impending entertainment news desert, we at Worth it or Woke present you with the top 10 top 10 entertainment news lists.

10. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Remembering The Franchise’s Top 10 Moments On Andrew Garfield’s 40th Birthday

Easily the most controversial list on our list of lists comes from Launched in 2003, CBM gets about 6 million visitors per month but manages to earn as much as Screen Rant, which gets more than 10x’s as many visitors.

Within the last few hours, CBM has posted a list reminding you of the handful of good things about The Amazing Spider-Man franchise while also trying its best to convince you that there were a few more.


9. Collider: Top 10 Most Underrated DC Movies

Founded in 2005 by Steven Weintraub as a personal blog, Collider now boasts tens of millions of monthly visits and generates a reported $25-$50 million a year. Just a few hours before the publishing of this meta-article, Collider published a list of its own, the 10 Most Underrated DC Movies.

With movies such as Superman Returns and Batman Forever on it, Collider isn’t making it easy for us to agree with them.


8. Screen Rant: Netflix’s Top 10 Movies Show Exactly What Streaming’s Future Looks Like With Hollywood’s Failures

Not known for being a bastion of Right-Wing sentiment, Screen Rant was founded in 2003 and has nearly 100 million viewers every month. However, according to SimilarWeb, they make considerably less than Collider at the paltry sum of $10-$15 million. While we get very little from their often Left-leaning editorials, we can’t recommend their Pitch Meeting YouTube channel highly enough.

Less than a week ago, Screen Rant looked into streaming service trends in the context of the continuing Hollywood strikes.


7. MovieWeb: The Top 10 Aquatic Horror Movies You Need to Watch Next

Although it’s significantly older than those we’ve already discussed, founded in 1995, MovieWeb has fewer monthly visitors and makes considerably less than either Collider or Screen Rant.

4 days ago, MovieWeb released its list of the 10 water-related horror movies that everyone should watch. While, prior to reading their article, we wouldn’t have been able to name more than 3 aquatic horror movies, MovieWeb has come up with a number of excellent choices. If you haven’t seen Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of billionaire Russell Franklin, don’t wait a moment longer.


6. IMDB: Top 10 Rating Movies

Known more for its database of film casts and crews, Internet Movie Database also offers entertainment news and the ability for its registered users to create lists. er-mohanitl has created a top 10 list of the best movies of all time. While most are pretty standard fare, films like 1957’s 12 Angry Men and 1995’s Se7ev make for some nice surprises as well as some must-see viewing.


5. ComingSoon:10 Best Movies of the Decade

Running leaner than any others that we’ve listed so far, with only 1-10 employees, and serving significantly fewer visitors, ComingSoon manages to turn a tidy profit. However, don’t get too excited by its list of the 10 best movies from the last ten years. A number of them made the list, not due to their quality but their ideological and political viewpoints.


4.CBR:10 Best Sci-Fi Anime For Star Wars Fans, Ranked

Canadian-based CBR covers comic, movie, and tv news. Founded in 1995 and has become an invaluable source for comic book-related news.

Offering possibly the nerdiest list on our list, don’t ask Matt Walsh what he thinks about it. CBR’s top 10 sci-fi anime for Star Wars fans is for 45-year-old family men and those with exceptionally nice apartments in their mother’s basement.


3. JoBlo: Bill Hader, Edgar Wright & more pick their favorite 80s movies

Starting as a hobby in 1998, JoBlo has become one of the go-to resources for entertainment news junkies.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a top-ten list but an extensive list designed to help you make your own top 10.


2. Collider: The 15 Best Anthony Hopkins Movies, Ranked

Our second top 10 list from Collider is actually a top 15 (it would seem that they’ve caught on to the trend as well).

Despite what a colossally horrific father it would seem that he is, Anthony Hopkins also happens to be one of the greatest film actors of all time. With iconic roles like Hannibal Lector and Stevens (Remains of The Day), Hopkins has cemented his place in cinema history.


1. Worth it or Woke: 10 Box Office Flops That Are Worth The Watch

That’s right, we made our own recent top 10 list number one. Why? Because we can. If you haven’t already checked it out, take a look at our picks for box office flops that ended up being really terrific.



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