Saving Silverman

Saving Silverman is a must-see comedy featuring an all-star cast and a mix of wacky humor and genuine emotion.
Jack Black, Amanda Peet, Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn
Dennis Dugan
Comedy, Romance, Rom-Com
Release date
February 7, 2001
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Vudu (rent or buy), Amazon Prime (rent or buy)
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Saving Silverman is a comedy about a group of friends who go to great lengths to save one of their own from a manipulative girlfriend. The film features over-the-top antics, a zany sense of humor, and a heartwarming message about the strength of male bonds. It is a hilarious and entertaining film that is sure to please audiences of all ages.

Saving Silverman is a comedy that follows best friends, Wayne (Steve Zahn), and J.D. (Jack Black), as they go to great lengths to save their other best friend Darren (Jason Biggs) from his manipulative and controlling girlfriend, Judith (Amanda Peet). Wayne and J.D. are determined to get Darren back to his old, carefree self and hatch a plan to break up the couple.

Saving Silverman

As expected in a comedy, the plan does not go smoothly and the trio gets into a series of wacky and outrageous situations as they try to win Darren back. Wayne, in particular, stands out with his over-the-top performance as a naive optimist who is convinced he can use the power of positive thinking to save the day. Meanwhile, J.D. brings the laughs with his hilariously misguided attempts at rescuing his friend.

Despite its zany sense of humor, Saving Silverman ultimately delivers a sweet and uplifting message about the strength of male bonds and the lengths we will go to for the people we care about. The film is a reminder of the importance of friendship and how it can help us through even the toughest of times.

The cast is strong, with standout performances from Steve Zahn, Jack Black, and Amanda Peet. Peet delivers a delicious performance as the villainous Judith. The film’s humor may not be for everyone, but those who enjoy irreverent comedies with a heartwarming message will surely find something to enjoy in Saving Silverman.

One of the highlights of the film is the chemistry between the three lead actors, who have an authentic and believable friendship. This helps to ground the film’s more outlandish moments and adds an emotional depth that elevates it above your average comedy.

Overall, Saving Silverman is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy that is sure to please audiences of all ages. Its mix of wacky humor and genuine emotion makes it a film that is both entertaining and uplifting. Whether you’re a fan of irreverent comedies or heartwarming tales of friendship, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Saving Silverman.


There are some allusions to homosexuality in the film but that isn’t inherently woke. The only agenda that the film has is to forward the narrative and make you laugh.

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